Tech Enthusiast

Putting the 'Robin' in Robin Hood.

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about me

I love music, code, photography.

A natural born tech security enthusiast. Unlocking doors with luck.

Building systems with intelect. Connecting complex systems.

Helping individuals and companies succeed. Learning from the mistakes to better grow my own. Call it AI. AI love code.

Born in Bangladesh, raised in Indonesia & Cambodia, grew up in Canada. I love travelling, volunteered in Australia.

Dropped out of the University of Ottawa to focus on areas of studies not covered in Biomedical Engineering.


An online prescence and social media management company.

We take you past the 8 planets to the stars.

Acquired angeleyze on 2016-03-08, a company funded by the Government of Ontario under the Summer Company program.

Companies I help Reach The Stars


Social Media &

Systems Manager

Created a system for automating human workflow. 500% Faster. Smarter. Secure.

Currently managing this system and entire online operations. A company serving the public for over 70 years. Family owned.


Tech Manager

First client of my company. Website, tele communications, systems management.

Advising and improving systems architechure. Advocating health 7 years.



Contributed bulk of my code & skills.

Private analytics software and systems.

Development of proprietary code.

Operational vision and support.

Where I Learned What I DO


Tech Specialist

Managing the team and oh you know fixing stuff and selling like no tomorrow. Was blessed to work with an amazing team. Proud to be part of Team 159. Was part of the COVID-19 team of 5, operational and tactical support. Played a strong role in defensive logistics.


Special Projects

Headquarters : YiPi program. WSIB Unit. Rehired to Employment Unit to improve program. Created a social network, was not approved. Sold system to ilikewolբ~